Donnerstag, 6. April 2017

Update bei Kolaj Magazine

“It may be through contrasts and antitheses that Susanna Lakner’s image building techniques can best be characterized. Generous clarity and meticulousness; free playfulness and discipline; rich emotions and decent ironies; bewildering leaps and accuracy to the millimetre; a disarming plurality of thought and material as opposed to inexorable coherence. And on top of all that, despite the infinite thematic variety and the choice of material from age-old paper antiquities through today’s newspapers, as well as the incredible divergence of formats and approaches, the end result is invariably an unmistakable a Lakner collage. And in it, evidently, in a self-explanatory manner, everything has fallen into its right place. Next, we see it along all other sheets, cards, fold-outs, boxes, notebooks, and books rise to a custom sector in Planet Susannia, a universe built upon consistency coupled with freedom, where an impressive and beautiful entirety is becoming more and more complete in spite of its inherent unfinishability.
–Ervin Zsubori, Képírás Art Magazine, 2016
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Zimmer / Room

Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2017

Minuten 1-4

Mein Beitrag zur jurierten Themenausstellung Galerie Kultur am Kelterberg, Kelterberg 5, 70563 Stuttgart (Vaihingen)
Vernissage am Sonntag, den 29.1.2017 ab 15 Uhr, Finissage und Vergabe des Publikumspreises: Sonntag 19. Februar

Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2017

OLTRE / Paper Collage Magazine / Italy

Peter Dowker / Susanna Lakner

Flore Kunst / Kerith Lisi

Alison Jean Shaw / Claudia Pomowski

Chiara Lanzieri / Dorotheé Dottke

Walter Paganuzzi / Denis Schäfer aka Denis Kolasch

Imanol Buisan / George Bogiatzidis

Patricia Licitra / Musta Fior

Freitag, 20. Januar 2017

Kunstmesse arte-sono 2017 / Stuttgart

Kunstmesse mit René Appel, Ingrid Bichler, Heide danne-Pfeiffer, Tara Jagoda Fiolic,  Thora Gerstner, Gabriele Gienger, Beate Heinkel, Sigrid Hirschmann, Susanne Feiler-Höllinge, Almut Kniess-Hasselblatt, Michael Lerche, Astrid Meinert, Renoir Mussyé, Patricia Otte, Eva Recordon, Heike Schmidt, Kornelia Schneller, Ricardo Schwarz, Marlise Sifrig, Ines Weith.

Organisiert und kuratiert: Marion Musch in clubCANN Stuttgart von 14-15 Januar